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Sicilian Moor Head Tapestry - Large

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Striking either individually or a as a pair.  These hand crafted Scililian tapestries depict the legendary of the Sicilian and the Moor.

100% Jute

95 x 150 cm Unframed

86 x139 cm Framed

Available as either the canvas or with a self assembly frame

It is said that in the historical district of Palermo, the Kalsa, during the Arab domination, lived a beautiful girl who spent her days taking care of the flowers on her balcony.

One day, a young Moor, passing under the girl’s balcony, noticed her and fell madly in love with her. He immediately declared his love for her and the beautiful girl, struck by the audacity of the suitor, returned the feeling.

Unfortunately the young Moor was already married and had a couple of children, and when the girl heard that he was leaving to return to his family in the East, she waited for the night and killed him in his sleep. She cut off his head, made it a “grasta” in which she planted some fragrant basil and put it on display outside the balcony.

The Moor, therefore, not being able to “go away” any longer, remained with her forever: the plant watered every morning with her tears, grew luxuriant and aroused the envy of the inhabitants of the neighborhood who, not to be outdone, they had terracotta vases made in the shape of Moor’s head.

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